For Sale By Owner Real Estate

Selling your home by owner just got a whole lot easier with ChoiceA. The Internet has made it possible to get the exposure you need, and along with free real estate forms and professional quality signs, selling your own home has never been easier.

For Sale By Owner Features

  • Listing exposure across the Internet
  • Unlimited high definition listing pictures
  • Realtime stats and visitor tracking
  • Professional yard signs
  • Print custom flyers to showcase your home

ChoiceA FSBO Listing Syndication


Track your visitors with listing analytics

  • View how many people visited your listing on craigslist and everywhere else -- see example
  • Get weekly activity reports for your listing
  • See what sites your visitors are coming from
  • Track your progress and listing effectiveness

Customize your listing

  • Post unlimited high resolution pictures
  • Print your own PDF flyers
  • Craigslist HTML code provided by ChoiceA to publish your listing and track your results
  • List until sold
  • Largest pictures of any real estate site

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Successfully selling FSBO in 2010:

So, the real estate market isn't what it used to be. For many of us our homes are worth more a bit less than they were just a few years ago. Though unfortunate it's all the more reason to use as many tools as possible to save as much money as you can when buying and selling real estate. For many people selling a property as (FSBO) or for sale by owner is a great option but you worry about overall exposure, right? That is where technology comes in; there are so many tools available that allow you market your own home while saving thousands of dollars in traditional real estate commissions. Let's face it, we all want a deal and saving money is not only a nice-to-have, it's becoming something we seek out - in few other transactions in life can you save such a large amount than when you decide to sell a home without an agent. The MLS may still be the largest single database of homes for sale, but this is changing and there are definitely cracks in the old wall. Other mediums are being used and social media is becoming a very powerful tool in connecting people. Here are a few steps for the technology-proficient FSBO.

Obviously we think is a great place to start. Listing here not only offers you a free or very low-cost option to marketing your real estate, we also offer some cool tools that are somewhat unique. For one, we syndicate your listing by publishing an XML feed to other real estate sites on the web. On a daily basis this 'feed' is ingested by these other popular real estate portals. In addition we make your individual listing available to Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Your listing on ChoiceA has a unique URL, and because we have optimized our site so that indexing tools like Googlebot and MSNbot can find your listing so that it can be displayed in search results from the biggest search engines in the world.

Specific actions to take as a FSBO:

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

The more pictures the better ! No matter how you market your home you must make sure to get digital pictures online, and ChoiceA is a great place to do this. Take as many pictures as you can. If you take 50 pictures of the interior and exterior of your home, post them all. At ChoiceA you can post as many pictures as you'd like, even high-resolution pictures. This will give potential buyers what they want, which is the ability to determine if your home fits their needs. Pictures may be worth 1000 words, but in real estate they may be worth 10,000 words. Take pictures of the interior the exterior, the neighborhood and the yard post links to aerial imagery from Google Maps or Bing Maps - both of which allow you to link directly to the overhead view of your property. This 'more pictures' strategy differs slightly from real estate agents that sometimes only post images of a property that make it look more appealing, but once potential buyers arrive they see the less-appealing features of the property and move on, but you see that's the catch. The agent wants only to get buyers to contact them for a viewing, and if potential buyers don't like your property the agents then use the viewing as a networking event to suggest other properties that may allow them to be paid a commission. So, as an FSBO your time is better served by providing pictures, pictures, pictures. We're not suggesting that you purposefully document a deck that needs to be replaced, or a any specific shortcomings of your property, but don't be shy about giving potential buyers enough to information to allow them to get a feel for the property overall.

Use Facebook, Twitter and Text Messages to market your FSBO

You have friends on Facebook. Let them know that your house is for sale and provide pictures and the asking price. Social Media is an amazing thing and chances are that a friend of a friend's sister is looking for a house in your neighborhood. Who knows, maybe you'll get a friend request or an email from someone who would like to come by to see the house. Again, pictures are key here in addition to other relevant information relating to the area, schools and neighborhood. You'll be amazed how 'connected' you are,...even if you think you're not. Don't be shy about using Facebook; despite primarily being used to keep in touch with long-lost former friends it's a very powerful communication tool and you should use it for marketing your real estate. If you have a Twitter account it takes little more than a short 140 character posting to get the word out to friends and followers. For example: "Selling my house on the west side, great condition, huge backyard, new carpet with hot tub $329,000" ..... tweet, tweet, before you know it a friend helps out by re-tweeting your FSBO message and the social angle to marketing real estate may work in your favor. Same goes for text messages from your phone that you address to multiple people from your address book, you never know who happens to be having dinner with someone who is new in town and looking for a place to live. The main message here is not to be afraid to use all of the tools available to you to sell your house by owner, remember it takes work to sell FSBO but it will save you thousands of dollars. And remember to link back to your ChoiceA FSBO listing (example:

Use Craigslist

If you're an FSBO chances are this is an obvious one. However, there are things that you can do to enhance your Craiglist posting, or to draw more attention to it. At we offer a free Craigslist overlay. What this means is that we provide you HTML code that allows your Craigslist posting to look better, and include more information than the standard black and white text that most posting have. You don't need to know what HTML is, all you need to know how to do it copy the code we give to you (Ctrl+C on a PC or Command+C on a Mac) and then simply paste it (Ctrl + V on a PC or Command + V on a Mac) into the Description field when you're creating your Craigslist posting. It will end up looking like this Craigslist ad and because it's powered by the ChoiceA HTML code it will look better than other listings; it will have bigger pictures and a cleaner and easier to read design. Give it a try, if you have any questions about how to do this simply write us an email, we'll be happy to help you.

Use YouTube

The use of video in real estate marketing is nothing new, but YouTube makes it easy for you as an individual to provide a quick way for people to view your listing. Creating an account is easy and uploading video isn't overly difficult. What this will allow you to do is provide a link to a quick video walk-through of your home that you can email off to your friends, who may then email it to their friends, and before you know it you may have an interested buyer who was intrigued by the size of your walk-in closet an the garden in your backyard. Our suggestion is to keep in short. Walk through your house and show all the primary living areas, the garage and especially the exterior, the yard and the neighborhood. Try to keep the video less than five minutes in length and you may even want to mention a URL or non-identifiable email address during your video tour, along with the city, state and price of the listed property. Again, you never know who's inbox it may land in.

Use Email

Yep, we suggest you compose an email (including pictures) telling all of your friends that you're selling your house. Sure, some will respond in humor giving you a hard time about 'spamming' them with your property information, but don't be deterred. Instead, push forward in using every tool available to you. If your workplace tolerates the occasional such email to those in your office then by all means use this channel too, ...but remember, always include pictures and the asking price of your FSBO property and the link to your listing page. example:

Blog About It

If you have a blog, absolutely create a post about your FSBO property and include pictures. If you don't have a blog, start one, even if it's for the sole purpose of advertising that you have a for sale by owner property for sale. Maybe you have a friend that has a blog with lots of followers, maybe a polite request to your friend produces a link to your ChoiceA listing page and the next thing you know you have some inquiries about your property. Blogging platforms like Blogger, Typepad and others will help you get started, and remember to always link back to your listing within all of the broadcast messages you send to friends and family.

Put A Sign In Your Yard

Most people find real estate online, but it never hurts to put a sign in your yard for those that may drive by. At we give you the option of creating and printing out your own FSBO flyers so that you can place a one page hardcopy description of your home with the sign in your front yard. Run out of flyers?....just print more from the ChoiceA website. ChoiceA has basic yard signs, so does Home Depot or Lowes and it doesn't take much to put one in your front yard. Make sure to write the URL of your listing on your yard sign.

Consider using flat-fee MLS listings

Our advice, don't pay more than $399 to be listed on the MLS, but be prepared to get what you pay for. In most instances, you are still required to pay a buyer's agent approximately 3% of the selling price. Most agents shy away from showing homes that are listed as flat-fee. They know that (unless otherwise specified) they likely won't make the same commissions by selling your house. So, just because you pay for an MLS listing doesn't mean that you'll be as fully featured as other traditionally listed properties, contrarily you should expect that traditional agents will prefer to promote homes that will pay them full commissions. So, insist that your direct contact information is provided with your listing, and be prepared to offer some incentive to a buyer's agent. Do your research, be careful here. If you go this route be sure to get (in writing) where, how and when your property will be listed with the MLS,.....what specific sites will it show up on? For how long? And, are there any other hidden fees associated with the flat-fee approach. Shop around, there are big differences when it comes to flat-fee or discount agents. Whatever you do, try the FSBO option first and see if you can save tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. If you happen to be unsuccessful in selling your own home you can always go back to the traditional (albeit expensive) option. Of note, these flat-fee listings are in all likelihood not offered by the majority of traditional agents, these are usually offered by hybrid brokers and are commonly found online. One last word of caution on flat-fee listings; you probably should not expect your listing to appear on any of the nationally well known brokerage sites in the same way traditional listings appear. You'll likely be given less pictures and less exposure than a traditional listing.

Work From A Checklist, Find Good Resources

ChoiceA provides a good getting started FSBO Checklist to work from as you become familiar with the ins and outs of the process. Educating yourself as an FSBO is critically important, as is determining the next steps you'll take if and when a potential buyer decides to make an offer on your property. It is strongly encouraged that your retain the services of a real estate attorney in lieu of a real estate agent. A real estate attorney will provide you peace of mind, and they'll go over all of the required paperwork with you during the FSBO process. They'll make suggestions to you and serve to protect you from the pitfalls of real estate transactions, and compared to agents who charge tens of thousands of dollars a real estate attorney may cost around $500, and this is money well spent to protect yourself during a real estate transaction. Real Estate Law is widely practiced and a simple search of your local law firms will provide you with a lawyer who will protect your interests as an FSBO. If you need real estate legal forms has some available for free download on our website for some states. These include Purchase and Sale Agreements that are state-specific, Disclosure Forms and other Legal Forms that may help you navigate the process of getting started as an FSBO.