An additional glossary of real estate terms educating themselves on the web, as an FSBO 449

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Another glossary of terms, some familiar and others that may be unfamiliar.  This one published by HUD contains all of the terminology and acronyms associated with buying and selling real estate, including financial terms.

Glossary of Real Estate Terms from the Federal Trade Commission Related to Buying and Selling Homes 138

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The whole process of buying and selling real estate can't seem complex.  Lots of forms and the terminology that is used is not always obvious.  Here is a link to a glossary of commonly used terms from the FTC

FSBO Home Seller's Negotiation Cheat Sheet 159

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Here's an article that will help the for sale by owner in negotiation and the pricing of your property.  Not a bad read:

Podcast with Douglas Gantenbein on why it's better to go without an agent 173

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An archived podcast from NPR on why real estate agents are no longer needed when you have so many sources available to you on the Internet.

Nice to find people who agree the for sale by owner real estate is the way to go.

The future of home price appreciation, a few things to keep in mind 216

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Can we expect home value to surge like they did from 2002-2006, probably not, or at least not at a comparable pace.  But this article does provide a backdrop for expectations based on historical trends.  Basically it's not all doom and gloom relating to the long-term investment of real estate.  Just an interesting read for keeping perspective

Unlimited Hi-Resolution Images 19

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Did you know lets you upload as many pictures of your listing as you want ?  No limit.   If you look around at other listing sites this is one of the primary limitations.  Here you can keep uploading images until you feel that you've given buyers all the information they need.  Studies have shown that more pictures equals greater interest from potential buyers.  So, by all means, send us your images.  Did we mention they can be hi-resolution images? 

Free FSBO Checklist at 1

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Did you know that you can download a free for sale by owner (FSBO) checklist on our site at:

While you're here, look at all of the other real estate forms that are available for free download.  As we always recommend that you take all contractual documents to a real estate attorney prior to closing we think these forms would be found to be legally sound. We had them created so that all parties were protected in a transaction and neither buyer nor seller is favored.  By the way,  hiring a real estate attorney to review FSBO legal documents between buyer and seller will cost around $500, far less than the tens of thousands of dollars a traditional listing agent will charge.  

Listing FSBO isn't as intimidating as the industry would like you to think, besides it's free at ChoiceA. is now on Twitter as ChoiceAFSBO 10

Posted by Admin2 Sat, 15 May 2010 06:36:00 GMT is now on Twitter at

Another interesting link for those thinking about FSBO 20

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A good read from the NYTimes specific to the benefits and cautions of selling FSBO, a good read:

There's nothing wrong with educating yourself on all your options: ChoiceA and choice b  :-) 

Home Buyer Tax Credit may have expired, but.... 14

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The Home Buyer Tax Credit may have expired, but if you have a binding contract in place now it's not too late

For more information about the tax credit if you did use it you can read more here:

This was a great opportunity, but if you missed it at least you can still capitalize on the interest rates that have been falling in recent weeks and are now near 5% so it's not all bad news if you missed the tax credit.